Hi. I'm Clair With The Hair


I love working with small business owners who are spinning ALL the plates - and not even sure if they're the right plates!
I love meeting those small business owners at networking events across Devon and Cornwall.
I also love going to gigs, especially when I'm there with friends.
And I love seeing what's happening in the world, via Twitter


If that sounds like your sort of stuff, click a thing below and I'll see you there.

Small Business Stuff

I help small business owners figure out what they're doing, where they're going and how to get there.

Even if they only have a budget of about £4.50

So if you feel like you're:
- making it up as you go along
- working hard but not getting results
- making plans but not moving forward

Don't worry. I got you.

No stupid jargon. No 'too good to be true' promises.

Just practical information and encouragement to help you work it all out and get your bum into gear.


I flipping love networking!

You meet new people and get to know them, have someone else cook breakfast, and just get a break from the office for a bit. Awesome.

I host 3 events around Tavistock, and attend/recommend plenty more.

There's a list of them on my website. Check it out.

PS: If you're nervous of networking, give me a shout. I do a workshop for that.

Gig Buddies

One of my favourite things is seeing live music. And I reckon the best way to do that is with friends.

The Solo Armada brings together people going to gigs, particularly on their own, so you can chat before the show starts, go for a beer before the doors open, or even hang out for the whole of a festival weekend!

Everyone's welcome, so if gigs are your thing then come and join us.

Tweet tweet!

You don't HAVE to love Twitter, but if you do, let's connect.

Within 5 minutes I can catch up on the PM's latest eye-rolling nonsense, see how a random bloke in London is getting on with the stray cat he's taken in, read a fascinating history thread from the same random London bloke, read a fascinating psychology thread from a random bloke in Wales (he's got a cat, too), and see if Rose from Throw Down has released more of her beautiful pottery.


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